Promotion Ceremony about 1969

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Promotion Ceremony about 1969

Postby REM » 31 Jul 2012, 12:40

Promotion Ceremony Nea Makri Greece about 1969 (800x420).jpg
Promotion Ceremony NCS Greece about 1969..
Promotion Ceremony Nea Makri Greece about 1969 (800x420).jpg (255.04 KiB) Viewed 2274 times
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Re: Promotion Ceremony about 1969

Postby rm3rob » 31 Jul 2012, 14:02

Scroll down for names
NgrPromo2.jpg (1.69 MiB) Viewed 2271 times

4. Larry Rich
5. Dupre
6. Hank Grandy
9. Paul Smith
18. RMC Bill Paul
21. Bill McCrea
22. Stevens
23. Johnson
24. Ray Bollick
25. Mike Ellis
28. Craig Hemsworth
30. Frank Russo
31. Ron Sabatula
33. Ed Mikula
34. Bill Lawrence
35. Darryl Cady
36. Ball
37. RMCS Miller
38. Jim Fink
39. Tom Blackburn
40. Ronald Lamb aka Dancing Bear
42. Bob Walker
44. Donald Wickham
47. Harold French
48. Hank Anderson
49. Sam Napier
53. Neal Medlin
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Re: Promotion Ceremony about 1969

Postby bigilios » 31 Jul 2012, 19:02

RM2 Taylor, Virgil (at the time)

I found this photo in amongst my momentos, and forwarded a copy to Denny Remington and
Pete Marquith and a few others, to try and find out who all was in the picture. I doubt if very
many copies of this photo exist (if any at all).
I think I recognize a few i.e. Cady, Smith, Collins, Decker, Cpo Paul, SCPO Miller, French, and
possibly Simon.
If anyone can help to identify the personnel in the picture, I would appreciate a response so I
can place their name(s) on the reverse side. Thank you in advance. My email is:
In case nobody recognizes my name, I worked in training with Carl Vidal, and worked as one of
the switchboard operators, and also worked back in ship/shore which I believe was located in
the back of "HICOM".
I arrived at NGR at the end of summer 67, married a local in Mar 69 and relocated to NorVA in
I was wondering if anyone remembers being issued weapons and stationed about the command
during the JUNTA?
I was the one who was arrested for the murder of Darryl Lybarger at about 2:30 AM one morning
and while standing at attention in front of the CO, ole Darryl comes limping in (in the nude) and
covered with blood. His remark was "is someone looking for me"? I had a large promotion party
at my house in Nea Makri, and we had taken all of the windows off their hinges and piled them
up in one of the bedrooms. Well! Darryl found them and he placed a stepladder next to them and
climbed up and dove head first and broke nearly every one. Someone yelled the police are coming,
and we shoved Darryl behind the tub in the bathroom. I was immediately arrested, and taken to
the base. The final outcome was that I was ordered to have the house cleaned up and restored to
it's previous condition and then I had to move back on base. The murder charge was dropped.
Does anyone know the whereabouts of Thomas Seabaugh? He was the one who got me into trouble
because he wanted me to drive him to the pelaponese area to look for Tyznik's (I think his first
name was Robert) Sister-in-Law. Supposedly the girl's father didn't want her to be with him and
had her put in a monastery. Tyznik drove a red Thunderbird.
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Re: Promotion Ceremony about 1969

Postby wlmccrea » 01 Aug 2012, 04:04

I'm Bill McCrea (my NGR chop was MAC) #21 in the photo. I left NGR in mid December 1968 and my predecessor as HI Comm receive op was #44
in the foto who is Don Wickham, who left in the Spring of 1968. So, this could not have been a 1969 foto.
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Re: Promotion Ceremony about 1969

Postby BobJenkins » 27 Nov 2012, 01:44

I am Bob Jenkins and I'm #19 in this photo. #2 was my Bud, Craig Neal. We both left in April of '68, Craig for the Forrestal and me for the Wasp.
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Re: Promotion Ceremony about 1969

Postby DarrylC » 08 Dec 2013, 01:51

I am Darryl Cady, #35 in the photo. This has to be spring of 1968. As Paul Smith only has Seaman stripes. He made CYN3 at the same time I made RM3 in April 68. We both made RM2 in November 68. I left in August 69, after 24 months, to COMIDEASTFOR Staff, on board U.S.S. Valcour, home ported in Manama, Bahrain Is. in the Persian Gulf. I worked in Ship/Shore and Message Center all 24 months at NGR. I was MC Supervisor from Nov 68 to Aug 69.
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Re: Promotion Ceremony about 1969

Postby k4nmr » 23 Feb 2014, 03:17

Not sure, but Sailor #13 may be a very old photo of me..

Then RM2 Thomas C. Small, NGR chops were TS.. I was stationed at NGR Dec 67 - 69 and first worked at the transmitter site for about a year and was then moved into Tech Control back at the receiver site where I became a 2318 and finished my tour. RM1 Billings was my shift supervisor in Tech Control.. We'd been in Greece about 2 weeks and were staying in a hotel near the American Club in Kifissia when King Constantine, his wife, children and Mother-in-law were all whisked away in the middle of the night and into exile. The next day George Papadopoulos became Prime Minister literally overnight.. I recall how strange it was to be recalled back to the base in the middle of the night from the hotel in Kifissia. The Duty Officer said "Get in uniform, make sure you have your I.D. and get back here ASAP." I asked him about what our dependents were supposed to do, and he said, "don't worry, the shore patrol will round them up and move them to the American Club in Kifissia." I jumped into my little red VW bug and up and over the mountain to Nea Makri I went, only to be stopped by a very large tank parked in the middle of the road. That barrel pointing down at my little VW was pretty scary.. The Greek Army officer checked my I.D. and allowed me to continue. When I got to the base many of the guys were huddled around a receiver listening to a local Greek AM broadcast station. It was being announced in English, French and Greek every fifteen minutes that anyone on the streets before 6am and after 6pm would be shot!! *!! Also very strange where all the shop keepers in Nea Makri who all had large framed photos of King Constantine prominently displayed in their shops prior to the coup and the very next day after the coup were immediately replaced with large prominently displayed photos of George Papadopoulos. They didn't mess around!! My wife Anna Maria, our three small children and I lived in the Kolanduras Apartments and had a great view of the Bay of Marathon from our second floor balcony south of the COMMSTA in Nea Makri.. We were only about four blocks from the beach, Nice!! Our two smallest children were both born in the Mitera Hospital in downtown Athens. Just before rotation from NGR, I was promoted to RM1 and transferred to NAVMARCORPRESTRACEN Springfield, MA. InJul 72 (after 9.5 years Navy) I got out and the next day became RM1 T.C. Small USCG. I retired after 24 years combined Navy/Coast Guard service. Nea Makri and NGR was without a doubt one of my very best assignments.. Sorry my memory is not any better, so best regards to all of you who served and especially at NGR..

Tom Small, CWO2(COMM) USCG Ret.
K4NMR (CW forever!)
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